About Me

My name is Tara Fiebach and I live in south-central Kansas with my wonderful husband, Mark, and our five amazing kids - Grace, Charlotte, Sam, Will, and Evelyn. I've been a maker/artist in one form or another my entire life. As a child there was paint (oh, that was my favorite), clay, and collage making. I began piano around age 6, violin around 10, and the harp in high school. My grandmother taught me to sew and cross-stitch as a young child and when I was a little older my mother taught me to knit. On a trip to the bookstore with her one day in graduate school I picked up a cute little knitting book and rediscovered my love for the craft. In 2009 I was introduced to Ravelry. I fell pretty hard and my yarn obsession began.

Creating things just makes me happy, happy, happy. We do a lot of creative art projects with the kids, who thankfully, also love the entire process. We all work together on this little family business. The kids are especially helpful and involve themselves in naming the colorways, offering suggestions for color combinations, and helping get the skeins ready for their trip to you! There's a good chance your package was lovingly packed (at least in part) by one of our little assistants. We love this yarn, y'all. We really, really do.

Life in the Heartland

Our life in the Heartland yields an endless array of color inspiration. Boundless fields of golden wheat, deep blue skies with oversized puffy white clouds, vivid Native American art and culture, an uninterrupted horizon that gives breathtaking sunsets, and my personal favorite, the verdant green and rocky terrain of the Flint Hills. It's a beautiful place to call home, that's for sure. I try to capture the colors and textures of our home in Oz along with our travels, the kids' art and their amazing imaginations, music, and the weather around here which is never boring (it is possible to have all four seasons in just one day).

Fiber Friends

Over the years I have had opportunities to meet knitters, dyers, spinners, and teachers from all over. Knitters (and all fiber artists) are among the most kind-hearted, generous, and inspiring people I know. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing community!

Love, Pure and Simple

A whole lotta love goes into each and every skein, from prepping it for the dye bath, to getting it ready for your mailbox. It's all done with heart and the hope that you will love every minute of creating with it.